Monday, 31 December 2007


all the cards together

cant believe we have actually finished this I am so pleased that I managed to do thi although i didn't always keep up

week 50 prompt was greatest gift life imediately sprung to mind

week 51 prompt was saw this and thought of you. When I was younger I shard a bedroom with my big sister she completlely covered a wall with pictures of David cassidy sadly my sister is no longer with us but when ever I see picture of david it always makes me smile

Week 52 prompt was art I used mine to say a great big thank you to Em for such a fantastic year.

I have really enjoyed doing this thanks everyone for looking



Paula said...

Fabulous cards Val. Great to see you made it to the end too!
I was in love with David Cassidy like your sis.
Hapy Creative 2008!

Jenny said...

Great cards! I love the one with David Cassidy...what a sweet and touching story about your sister.

Have a great new year!

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Well done!! Look fab together! I've not quite finished yet but I'll get there soon....

Julie said...

Well done Val! These are fabulous. I have two more to do and then I will be done too! Can't believe that year went so fast!

ParentesFantomet said...

What great cards, Val, they all look amazing. And your David Cassidy card made me smile, my oldest sister too loved him and had wallpapered her walls with pictures of him :giggle:

Happy new year!

Linda said...

They look great Val!

Happy New Year!

Deb G said...

Great cards Val!!! LOL..I LOVE the David Cassidy one!!Congratulations on finishing!!!

Anonymous said...

I quite liked David Cassidy myself :)
Love your last one, nice to have a thank you to Em in there.
Congrats on going the distance.

saffiertje said...

great card you made,'s done!

Roo said...

Woohoo! Your cards all great together. Love them on the ring like that.

butterfly said...

I'm the mother of Saffiertje and saw your name at her blog. Time to look at yourand...its also great and fabulous!

Elizabeth said...

How fab do all your cards look together, what a great sense of satisfaction to finish all that arty goodness! Well done.
Hope you have an Arty 2008!

Michele said...

Belated well done you! Cards are even better in real life than they are on here! Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

My mum would love the david cassidy one it was a close draw betwen Donny and David

Rachel Whetzel said...

I love your cards all together!! they look so cozy!

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daydreamstudios said...

It turned out really well. It looks so fabulously chunky, what fun.

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