Monday, 29 January 2007

A symbol you love

I hadn't really though of a symbol that I love until Em posted this weeks prompt, I had a think about it and thought of a hot ctross bun, to me it symbolises family traditions and how we all want everything yesterday. Although I would call myself spirtual rather than religious I grew up in a Catholic home and Easter was an important part of our lives. Now you can buy hot cross buns anywhere and at any time of the year, then you could only order them from a bakers and you could only get them on good friday. My mum would heat up the oven and Dad would go to the bakers to collect them, smothered in butter they didn't half taste good, not quite the same when you can have them whenever you want. So I have decided that I will make my own this year and only eat them on good friday and wait to savour good things.

Monday, 22 January 2007

I am

This week's prompt is "I am" My card says I am happy in my own skin. At the age of fourty two I am finally happy with who I am. Being part of this wanderful challenge and enjoying all the other creative things I do is helping me to be greatful for everything I have. The big me on the back of the card was plain white coloured with a touch of nail varnish (thanks Lou). Thanks Emily for inspiring me.

Sunday, 21 January 2007


As people seem to like the flowers i used for Shimelles class thought you might like to know they were from a tacky bunch from pound land which when I took then apart looked fab

Shimelles free class

These are the inside pages for my I must confess book from Shimelles free class I had a great time maiking it this is how it reads

I must confess I love maiking cakes but not as much as I love eating cakes.
I must confess I love a large glass of red wine after a hard days work.
I must confess I love sucking a piece of chocolate till it melts.
I must confess i am on a diet.

Thanks Shimelle for the inspiration.

Monday, 15 January 2007

What is powerful for me

Here is my card for week two of Emily's challenge, my family and I go on lot's of country walks we even climbed mount Snowdona couple of years ago. I love the tranquility of the countryside, and see miracles everywhere. It always makes me feel glad to be alive no matter what the seasons have in store. Hope you like the card, thanks for looking

2nd prompt is up

Just realised the second promt for the altrered journal has been posted already, what is powerful for you. I was wandering how I could wait till sunday now realise I don't have to. Looking forward to getting home from work so I can get started.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

my first card

Here is my first card for the altered journal challenge. I really enjoyed doing it. I am very proud of my family including sibling's, in-laws neices and nephews especially the children mine and my bnieces and newphews who despite having rather a motley crew of parents really aren't turning out too bad. Thanks for looking feel free to leave a comment


I have been inspired to start an altered journal following this inspirational link, decided to do a blog to go with what a fab way to remember the year