Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Quiet and 10 minutes

Week 32's prompt was quiet one of my sons favourite memories of his grandad was when he used to shout quiet as loud as he could at the dinner table when we had all got a bit noisy there used to be quite a few of us at family get togethers. Funnily enough it used to terrify me when I was little don't know wether my dad had mellowed a bit or that my son just got the joke better.
Week's 33 prompt was to spend 10 minutes creating from the stuff around you I'll be honest and said mine took twenty minutes but I really like the effect

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

What don't you regret

week 31's prompt is what don't you regret eversince i have been singing Je regrette rien by Edith piaf so this weeks card is a picture of her. I have no regrets everything i have been and done is what has made me the person who i am today and actualy I am quite happy with her.